UTUIA Scholarship Winners

In September 1973, UTUIA  established a scholarship program to benefit the children and grandchildren of  UTUIA members. Fifty continuing $500 scholarships were awarded each year with the goal of providing 200 (50 new and 150 continuing scholarships) each year. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of annual drawings. Over $1.8 million in scholarships have been awarded since inception of the program.  In 2015, UTUIA and it’s Board of Directors  unanimously approved the increase of scholarship funds to $1,000.00 on each of the new and the existing scholarships.

UTUIA scholarship winners will receive the full amount of the award each year for up to four years of undergraduate study as long as a satisfactory academic record is maintained.

UTUIA recipients are enrolled in some of the finest and most prestigious colleges and universities in the world. We are proud of the many achievements of past scholarship winners who have contributed so much to our great nation.  A bright future awaits those who seek knowledge and we are so proud and happy to be a part of that quest.  Below is a listing of our proud scholarship recipients through the years:

2015-2016 Scholarship Winners

2016-2017 Scholarship Winners

2017-2018 Scholarship Winners

2018-2019 Scholarship Winners

2019-2020 Scholarship Winners

2020-2021 Scholarship Winners