UTUIA Memorial Scholarship Award

UTUIA President Ken Laugel introduced the new Memorial Scholarship Award at both SMART TD Regional Meetings.  The scholarship goes to the children of a transportation worker and UTUIA member who is killed in the line of duty while performing the duties of his trade.  Last year, Brother Troy Jordon lost his life in a tragic train accident.  Troy took out a life insurance policy to protect his family just 20 days before the accident.  While Troy’s family could never have imagined the events of that day would unfold as they did, they were proud that their husband and father protected their future with life insurance from the UTUIA.  Home office staff worked hard to make sure the proceeds of that plan were paid to the family as quickly as possible and both SMART TD members and UTUIA members rallied around the family to ensure that they were taken care of.

“Over 148 years ago, the predecessor associations that would become the UTUIA were formed with the purpose of protecting rail workers and their families from the hardships that accompanied life on the rails.   It is a tribute to those who labored before us and a testament  to the values we hold dear that we developed this Award.” said Laugel.

Below is a picture of President Laugel with Jordan Family at the SMART TD Regional Meeting