UTUIA Field Supervisors Assist Members at SMART TD Regional Meetings

Cleveland OH-  UTUIA Field Supervisors and Regional Insurance Representatives attended both SMART TD Regional Meetings where they provided advice and assistance to fellow Union members and their families.  Many new members, as well as old friends, learned about the new offerings that UTUIA was planning to introduce over the next year.  “It was a success for all involved as we were able to reach out to so many members and their families at the same time” , said UTUIA Executive Director Ken Laugel , who was attending his first Regional meetings as Executive Director.  ” I learned a lot and received excellent feedback from our membership and our Field Supervisors as well.  All in all it was a huge success.” said Laugel.


Field Supervisors Steve White, Chris Fly and Joe Solito    

Dedicated to providing the best possible benefits and services to the membership, we constantly look for ways to bring greater offerings to the brotherhood of the UTUIA and SMART TD.  Our Field Supervisors understand your  unique needs and your desire to protect what you’ve worked so hard for.  We thank you all for the many years of support you have shown to the Association and look forward to building even stronger bonds in the future

300Field Supervisors T-Bone Morrison, Serge Decoste, Chris Fly and Regional Insurance Representative  Cookie Doyle