Disablility Income Replacement

Today you’re healthy. You have the ability to earn money. That money buys food and clothing, pays the mortgage or rent, and much more. In fact, your earning power has produced everything you have. So the most valuable asset you have is your ability to work and earn money.

But what about tomorrow? Your ability to earn an income may stop or be interrupted because of an accident or sickness. During that time you may find it difficult to maintain your standard of living — and impossible to plan for the future.

Unfortunately, the chance of a disabling accident or sickness putting you out of work is a distinct possibility. It is more real than you think, and it can have a lasting effect on you and your family.

Although UTUIA cannot prevent a physical disability from happening, we offer options to prevent the economic disability that often accompanies a physical disability. We know that the key to financial security is protection against disabilities that can interrupt your earning power. That’s why we continue to offer Disability Income Replacement protection.

With multiple benefit periods and elimination periods, UTUIA’s disability plan allows you to customize your coverage to fit your financial needs. This plan is not offset by group disability plans, so your payments cannot be decreased.

UTUIA’s disability policy is guaranteed renewable. You are guaranteed the right to continue your coverage until you reach age 65 or retire, whichever occurs first. This means UTUIA can never refuse to renew your policy as long as premiums are paid.

Optional Riders:

  • Waiver of Premium Rider – Premiums for the basic policy and any riders attached to it will be waived for the calendar month following the number of consecutive days of total disability for the elimination period of 30-,60-, or 90-days.
  • Motorcycle Rider – Will provide coverage when riding motorcycles, snowmobiles and three- and four-wheel all terrain vehicles for pleasure only.

Benefits are not payable during the period you are receiving benefits under an employer-sponsored wage continuation program. The needs of each individual are different and should be carefully considered in making important decisions with respect to the purchase of insurance. To obtain personal assistance, contact your Field Supervisor or complete the Information Request Form.