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United Transportation Union Insurance Association

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UTUIA Employees

Laugel, Kenneth


Executive Director of Insurance

(216)228-9400 ext. 3700 (216)227-5219

Ken was born and raised in New Jersey as the son of a proud member of the Machinists union. His Grandfather was a railroader in the early 1920’s. These roots taught him the values of hard work, unity, brotherhood and a conviction to helping his fellow man. As the first college graduate in his family, he embarked on a 27 year Insurance career that has taken him full circle back to serving union members and their families. Ken is looking forward to building a foundation for the future of the UTUIA by staying true to its 148 year history of service to the brotherhood, while at the same time, ensuring a promising future for the Association.

Kusnic, Richard A.

Secretary and Treasurer

Director, Accounting and Finance

(216) 228-9400 ext. 3501 (216) 227-5293 direct

Rick has been in insurance accounting and finance for the past 35 years, holding various C level positions.  Rick served the UTU when he came onboard in 2007.  Today, Rick is responsible for managing and overseeing the accounting, banking, investments, compensation, regulatory and tax issues of the UTUIA.  He also oversees human resources and the management of accounting dept.   Rick looks forward to many years of growth and stability ahead for UTUIA.

McKeever, Erin

Assistant Director of Sales and Underwriting

(216) 228-9400 ext. 3752 (216) 227-5439 direct

Erin brings 15 years of experience to the UTUIA.  She has spent the past 8 years serving the members of the Association . Erin’s responsibilities include the underwriting of insurance applications and assisting in the processing of new sales, processes monthly production reports, helps with organization and preparation of meetings , assists with the processing of new sales, processing monthly reports , assists in the organization and preparation of meetings, Field Supervisor Licensing, territory changes and Local Insurance Representative assignments.   She handles Field Supervisor licensing, territory changes and Local Insurance Representative assignments.

Centlivre, Beth

Actuarial Supervisor

(216) 228-9400 ext. 3710 (216) 227-5425 direct

Beth brings over 25 years of actuarial experience within the life insurance industry.  With UTUIA for 17 years, she has really enjoyed getting to know the members and volunteering with UTUIA Unit 1.  A mother of four, she enjoys attending her children’s many sporting events .  Beth  is in charge of all in-house actuarial duties, including calculating insurance reserves, dividends, cash surrender values and non-forfeiture values.

Thomas, Elizabeth (Beth)

Compensation Specialist

(216) 228-9400 ext. 3510 (216) 227-5254 direct

Beth comes to UTUIA with over 20 years of accounting and payroll experience. She handles payroll, 401k administration, scholarship, health and welfare and various other accounting and HR duties. Beth comes from a strong union background and looks forward to helping our employees and our members.

Collazo, Irma

Direct Billing Administrator

(216) 228-9400 ext. 3610 (216) 227-5433 direct

With UTUIA since 1999, Irma would tell you she really enjoys UTUIA.  She loves her work and the staff she works with. Irma answers telephone calls from members who have questions about their insurance bills. She also sends out insurance forms, deducts funds from policyholders’ checking accounts at the end of the month, types up bills and mails them out, and many other duties as necessary.

Dailey, Nancy

Customer Service, Policyholders Service

(216) 228-9400 ext. 3742 (216) 227-5290 direct

Nancy brings 28 years of life insurance experience to UTUIA having previously worked with New York Life. Nancy provides customer support to insureds with questions pertaining to their insurance policies, which includes all aspects of coverage/policy provisions as well processing notifications pertaining to coverage and/or premium changes.  Nancy really enjoys working with our members.

Graber, Rick

Updating/Auditing Representative

(216) 228-9400 ext. 3611 (216) 227-5211 direct

Rick is  self described as a simple man who enjoys his work.  He  handles the bills sent to UTUIA policyholders and mails out between 3,000 and 7,000 bills a month and processes/updates insurance payments and records. He issues refunds, moves members from treasurers billing to direct billing  and assists our members with questions they may have. He also helps UTUIA field supervisors as necessary.

Horvath, Adam

Accounts Payable and Lead Data Entry

(216) 228-9400 ext. 3620 

For the past 5 years, Adam has played an important and very active role at UTUIA as he processes all new accident, disability, cancer, life and term insurance applications along with maintaining and updating the UTUIA database as new information is provided.  When he’s not performing those duties, you will find Adam working hard in the Associations accounting department handling commissions, vendor payments and invoices.

Kight, Joyce

Senior Accounting Representative

(216)228-9400 ext. 3508 (216)227-5203 direct

Joyce is involved in the UTUIA General Ledger close, Journal Entries, reconciliation, direct-billing payments, expense analysis, Field Supervisors monthly expenses, and many more other duties as necessary.

Lasby, Karen

Annuity Specialist

(216) 228-9400 ext. 3720 (216) 227-5232 direct

Karen has been with UTUIA for 35 years and really enjoys working with the members and their families.  The best part of her job is helping them plan for their retirement through our annuity programs. Karen also assists members by processing their investments and assists them with withdrawals , as well as, answering questions about benefits and payouts.

McLucas, Mike

Claim Adjuster

(216) 228-9400 ext. 3732 (216) 227-5207 direct

With a total of 35 years working with the International, Mike has spent the past 10 years serving our members in the Claim Dept. of UTUIA.  Helping members and their families deal with the loss of loved ones, Mike processes death benefits for members holding life insurance and accidental-death policies, issues payments to the listed beneficiaries or arranges to have the proceeds paid directly to the funeral home. He also processes endowment policies when they mature and assists fellow claim adjusters with members’ phone calls.  Quick and efficient, Mike strives to do his best everyday.

Nemeth, Csilla

Records Administrator

(216) 228-9400

Csilla brings 10 years of business administration experience to the UTUIA.  She maintains members files and handles new membership applications.  She also performs various administrative duties for the membership department.

Powers, Lisa

Supervisor of Customer Service

(216) 228-9400 ext. 3751 (216) 227-5218 direct

Lisa oversees the operations of Policyholder Services and the Annuity Department. She assists insureds and annuitants with questions and/or concerns in all areas of insurance and annuity products.

Redmond, Tom

Policyholder Service Representative

(216) 228-9400 ext. 3741 (216) 227-5298 direct

Tom Redmond handles general correspondence which involves making changes to existing insurance policies. When contacted by telephone, he assists policyholders by answering questions about their insurance policies and helping them decide how they can best utilize the plans of insurance the UTUIA can provide.

Valentine, Nicole

Underwriting Assistant

(216) 228-9400 ext. 3753 (216) 227-5438 direct

Nichole brings 6 years of insurance experience to UTUIA with knowledge in Workman’s Compensation, LTC and Life and Health. She processes life, accident and health insurance applications and conducts daily follow-ups for outstanding requirements.  She assists UTUIA Field Supervisors with pending items and lead follow-up.

Wiens, Tim

Assistant Director of Claims

(216) 228-9400 ext. 3731 (216) 227-5274 direct

Tim has been a benefit specialist in the Claim Department since 1999 where he assists people  with claim questions, as well as assisting his fellow claim adjusters. He specializes in assisting with members Disability, Cancer, Accident Indemnity and Waiver of Premium benefits.  Tim was elevated to the position of Assistant Director of Claims in 2015.

Woods, Tim

Banking and Investment Manager

(216)228-9400 ext. 3505 (216)227-5210

Tim Woods manages regulatory reporting for the insurance company pertaining to investments and other financial matters, as well as managing the daily cash flows for the bank accounts of the UTUIA.