Cancer Hospital Indemnity

Cancer.   Who among us has not known someone who has been affected by this disease which manifests itself in many forms.  Thanks to medical technology and massive gains in research and the treatment of cancer, there is much hope for many of those who have been affected.  Indeed, the statistics show that through early detection and treatment, the future is bright for so many but, the costs can be staggering. That’s why so many UTUIA families own a Cancer Hospital Indemnity policy.  Just look at the great benefits offer:


                                                    $2,000.00 –  First Diagnosis Benefit

                                        $300.00 per day  –  Hospital Confinement Indemnity

                                   $600.00 per day -$18,000 per month  Extended Stay Benefit

                                $100.00 per day – Home Recovery and Convelescent Care Benefit

                                              $15,000.00  –  Bone Marrow Transplant                       

                    Your entire family can be covered with no medical exam or blood work

                     Rates start as low as $9.00 per month!!

Contact your Field Supervisor  or request more info  to learn more.