Accident Indemnity Plan

Why An Accident Indemnity Plan?

Last year alone, over 80 million individuals sought medical attention due to an accident causing injury.  That’s why an accident indemnity plan from the UTUIA can be the right choice for so many families.  Our Accident Indemnity Plan covers you and your family both on and off the job.  The benefits are payable directly to you regardless of other coverage and can help pay for expenses such as:

  • Emergency Treatment

  • Hospital Confinement

  • ICU Confinement

  • Major Diagnostic Exams

  • Physical Therapy

  • Prosthesis

  • Ambulance


  • Premium does not increase with age
  • Benefits will never be reduced
  • All children covered for one low rate
  • All benefits paid directly to you

A survey of emergency room visits shows more than a million times a year, or about every 25 seconds, a young athlete visits the hospital for a sports related injury.  So whether you have children or not, Contact your Field Supervisor  today to learn more about why an Accident Indemnity Plan is a smart choice.

It helped Local 627 Chairperson John Foote. While being transported in a carrier van, Foote’s life permanently and unexpectedly changed in an instant. His deployed airbag and seatbelt saved his life, but the resulting injuries he suffered required ongoing medical attention. His UTUIA Accident Indemnity policy saved him from many of those ensuing medical expenses.