2019 Procedure for UTUIA District Elections for Delegates

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Each UTUIA district will be advised in March 2019 of the number of delegates their particular district will elect to the 2019 UTUIA Grand Convention. The number of delegates for each district will be determined by the number of UTUIA policyowners in the territory of each district as of November 30, 2018. Each district will elect one alternate delegate for each delegate elected.

Nominations for district delegate must be completed and postmarked to the UTUIA Secretary and Treasurer no later than April 24th, 2019. Nominating petitions may be submitted by a district officer, UTUIA officer or UTUIA policyowner of the applicable district. Additionally, at least two adult (18 or older) UTUIA policyowners in the district must sign the nominating petition in order for the candidate to be included on the ballot. The attached form shall be used for nominations. In the coming weeks, nomination forms will be available for download at www.utuia.org

The original delegate nominating petitions are retained by the UTUIA Secretary and Treasurer who will forward a copy of each nominating petition to the UTUIA President, by April 30th, 2019. The President shall review the nominating petitions and verify the eligibility of the nominees.

The President shall prepare ballots for all delegate nominees and mail ballots directly to all UTIJIA policy owners in the applicable district in the month of May 2019. The ballots shall be prepared so as to provide a square opposite each candidate’s name in which the voter can mark his or her preference, with the policy owner to mark boxes not exceeding the number of delegates to be elected in that particular district. Ballots received postmarked prior to June 5, 2019 will be counted and retained for a period of one year.

The candidate receiving the largest number of the votes cast shall be declared the elected delegate. The candidate receiving the second largest number of votes shall be the elected alternate delegate

In the event that, in a District, the number of nominees to serve as delegates is equal to or less than the number of that District’s delegates to the Grand Convention, (i) those nominees shall be deemed elected by acclamation and (ii) the Board of Directors shall select the individuals necessary to fill the slate of delegates and the alternates for such District, which individuals shall be deemed elected by acclamation.

The Board of Directors shall determine the salary and expenses of delegates attending conventions.