2019 Policyowner Nomination Letter

A message from the President of UTUIA, Ken Laugel:

Every four years the UTUIA holds its Grand Convention. This year the UTUIA Grand Convention will be held on July 18, 2019 at the Hilton Downtown Cleveland Ohio.

The UTUIA Grand Convention consists of the officers of the UTUIA, delegates from each of the 11 districts and elected members of the UTUIA Board of Directors who comprise the Supreme Legislative Body responsible for governing UTUIA.

If you wish to nominate a UTUIA policyowner as a delegate to the UTUIA Convention, please click here for more information. The 2019 Grand Convention site provides information as to the district in which you are located along with the procedure for nominating a UTUIA policyowner located in your district. Nomination forms are available by clicking here and must be completed and postmarked to the Secretary and Treasurer of UTUIA by April 24, 2019

With best regards, I remain, fraternally yours

Kenneth Laugel,

UTUIA President