Field Supervisor Relief Event in North Carolina


In the wake of Hurricane Florence and the resulting wide-spread flooding, UTUIA Field Supervisor Chris Fly along with members of Local 1106 of Rocky Mount, brought items of necessity to Chris’ house in Nashville, North Carolina where they loaded up his 24-foot trailer to distribute to those in need. Chris and his wife Angela traveled to local businesses and individual homes to pick up donations, food, water, clothes, pillows, blankets, cleaning supplies and hygiene items. The ending destination was Kelly, North Carolina at Old CaneTuck Store, just outside of Wilmington, NC where the community saw the brunt of the storm.

Three different churches in the Rocky Mount area provided the volunteer manpower to help propel this relief effort. A convoy of approximately twelve vehicles and Chris’ trailer were on their way loaded with much needed items to distribute to the community at large.

There were at least 300 needy hurricane and flood victims that showed up to the event. Volunteers from the community, some of which had lost their own homes to water damage, still assisted in the unloading, organizing and distribution of the items. Chris, his wife and other members of Local 1106 held a lunch at the staging area where they fed the members of the community that gave their time and effort to the cause. The UTUIA helped to fund part of these efforts.

“Thank you to everyone that assisted in these efforts”, said Chris Fly in a letter to UTUIA Home Office, “whether monetarily, by prayer or boots on the ground, this was an ultimate display of strangers coming together in unity to take care of our fellow Brothers and Sisters”, he added.

“It’s in moments like these that all men and women become our brothers and sisters and we are very proud of Chris and Angela’s charitable efforts” said UTUIA President Ken Laugel.


On the early morning hours of September 14th, Hurricane Florence made landfall just south of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. The damage was widespread with reports of major flooding and power outages throughout the North Carolina area.

Today, UTUIA has announce that they have donated $5,000 to the SMART TD Disaster Relief Fund in response to the damage of Hurricane Florence.

“As many Brothers and Sisters of the UTUIA have been affected by the devastating flooding in the Carolinas, the Officers and Staff of the UTUIA have forwarded a donation of $5,000.00 to be used to ease the pain and financial burden placed on those who are attempting to recover from this disaster” said UTUIA President Ken Laugel.

“We are standing by our Brothers and Sisters in need with this donation and will continue our efforts to assist in any way we can”, Laugel continued “It is apparent that the losses from this event will have lasting effects on the victims moving forward ” he added.

If you would like to help in the relief, contributions may be sent to:

SMART TD Disaster Relief Fund
Suite 340
24950 Country Club Blvd
North Olmsted, Ohio 44070-5333