2018-2019 Scholarship Winners

District 1
Morgan Beiter, Step-Daughter of Robert Kuzara, Local 1393
Nicole Giordano, Step-Daughter of William Connell, Local 1473
Jonathan Munn, Grandson of Raymond Kobylak, Local 1978
Allison Sorri, Daughter of Ronald Sorri, Local 1393
Emma Weis, Granddaughter of Robert Fitzsimmons, Local 1978

District 2
Kyle Dobbins, Son of Preston Cyrus, Local 1390
Hannah Farley, Granddaughter of Charles Cellini, Local 60
Stephanie Krakowski, Daughter of John Krakowski, Local 1413
Justin Williamson, Son of Thomas Wiliamson, Local 1470

District 3
Bryce Bennett, Son of Joe Bennett, Local 0998
Abbagail Brasington, Granddaughter of Davis Bragg, Local 0762
Brittany Clayton, Daughter of Autry Clayton Jr, Local 1545
Emily Coppedge, Daughter of Thomas Coppedge, Local 0971
James McClanahan, Grandson of James Cruce, Local 0339
Colleen Tracy, Granddaughter of John Tracy, Local 0991
Allyson Yandle, Granddaughter of Wallace Thornton, Local 0793
Hunter Young, Grandson of Johnny Campbell, Local 01031

District 4
Alexandria Collins, Daughter of Tommy Collins, Local 1383
Brock Goley, Grandson of Donald Goley, Local 119
Brianna McNeely, Daughter of Robert Moneer, Local 0586
Zachary Miller, Grandson of Suzanne Briggs, Local 0225
Hannah Shank, Granddaughter of Samuel Hale, Local 1290

District 5
Paige Dubs, Daughter of Matthew Dubs, Local 1929
Adrien Hernandez, Great-Grandson of Warren Johnson, Local 1292
Alec Lester, Son of Scott Lester, Local 445
Alyssa Orona, Daughter of David Orona, Local 1895

District 6
Wilson Bernard, Grandson of Marvin Corzine, Local 1501
Tucker Hoobler, Grandson of Ralph Robertson, Local 1313
Triniti Love, Daughter of Fancy Love, Local 594
Casey Sartor, Grandson of Terry Sartor, Local 1092
Makena Schroeder, Granddaughter of Dennis Scholle, Local 1042
Jaela Washington, Daughter of Shedrick Dudley, Local 11

District 7
Kendra England, Granddaughter of Billy England, Local 0477
Gunnar Fandrich, Grandson of David Fandrich, Local 1344
Alexis Howard, Step-Daughter of Garrett Poulette, Local 0303
Brandon Kankelfritz, Grandson of Darald Kankelfritz, Local 1137
Natalie Mechem, Granddaughter of Raymond Birch, Local 1823
Paige Nichols, Daughter of Clinton Nichols, Local 0418
Trevor Rimmer, Son of Matthew Rimmer, Local 1780

District 8
Arthur Alvarado, Son of Magaly Dorado, Local 1565
Alexandra Jensen, Granddaughter of Kenneth Harman, Local 0204
Hunter Jones, Grandson of Patricia Hampton, Local  0238
Lorena Lara, Daughter of Pedro Lara, Local 1563
Justin Martinez, Son of Latonia Martinez, Local 1608
Carson Park, Grandson of Patricia Hampton, Local 0238
Tatiana Sandoval, Daughter of George Sandoval, Local 1608
Nathan Valles, Grandson of Patricia Garcia, Local 1563

District 9
Griffen Boe, Son of Kyle Boe, Local 0257
Alexandria Gould, Step-Daughter of Ryan Hedgecock, Local 0891
Colton Richards, Son of Kenneth Richards, Local 1713
UTUIA Trade Scholarship
Ashlan Marcantel, Daughter of Carban Marcantel, Local 1947
Tyler Parker, Grandson of Samuel Parker, Local 0606
Colin Weidauer, Son of Gregory Weidauer, Local 0911