2017-2018 Scholarship Winners

District 1
Erin Congdon, Granddaughter of John J Congdon, Local 0318
Mia Clark, Daughter of Brett Clark, Local 0312
Nicholas Pomroy, Grandson of Terry L Legere, Local 0663
Owen Bean, Grandson of Clair A Owens, Local 0001
Kelsey Rabideau, Granddaughter of Henry F Hellus Jr, Local 0095

District 2
Jennifer Krakowski, Daughter of John Krakowski, Local 1413
Cassidy Bowen, Granddaughter of John Mateer, Local 1379
Kimberly Gong, Daughter of Fred Gong, Local 0060
Connor Holmes, Grandson of Charles J Cellini, Local 0060

District 3
Davis J Perrin, Grandchild of Robert M David, Local 1345
Courtney Ingerick, Daughter of Ronald E Ingrick Jr, Local 0782
Marquel Corrigan, Son of Michael W Corrigan, Local 0407
Scarlett McDonald, Granddaughter of Hubert E Conner, Local 1814
Hannah Williams, Granddaughter of Billy E Williams, Local 0655
Larry Strickland, Grandson of Malcomb D Peevy, Local 762
Pamela Mulvaney, Daughter of Stephen J Mulvaney, Local 924
Brianna Fly, Daughter of Christian W Fly, Local 1106

District 4
Melissa Cregan, Granddaughter of Raymond A Bender, Local 0792
Gideon Hoff, Son of Paul B Hoff, Local 0378
Kade Brickey, Grandson of David H Brickey, Local 1438
Alayna Kiefer, Daughter of Adam L Kiefer, Local 0298
Keegan Brickey, Grandson of David H Brickey, Local 1438

District 5
Noah Aguilera, Grandson of Dennis R Aguilera, Local 0322
Olivia Deloney, Granddaughter of Robert G Bollinger, Local 0469
Nicole Hauck, Daughter of William A Hauck, Local 583
Eric Stevens, Son of David W Stevens, Local 1423

District 6
Brandon Persons, Son of Curtis G Persons, Local 1092
Haley Sobczak, Daughter of Jeff D Sobczak, Local 0221
Sarah Boudloche, Daughter of Clarence J Boudloche, Local 1066
Alex Boudloche, Son of Clarence J Boudloche, Local 1066
Brenan Marcantel, Daughter of Carban A Marcantel, Local 1947
Chandler Wilson, Daughter of Dennis W Wilson, Local 0462

District 7
Ashley Mendell, Granddaughter of George G Joyce Jr, Local 1000
Dustin Steedsman, Son of Duane R Steedsman, Local 0980
Taylee Adams, Granddaughter of Larry E Adams, Local 0495
Luke Dance, Son of Bryan D Dance, Local 0305
Jacqueline Sporie, Granddaughter of Warren W Johnson, Local 1292
Tess Heyer, Daughter of Kipp D Heyer, Local 064
Logan W Fisher, Grandson of Edgar W Fisher, Local 0412

District 8
Jason Rivas, Son of Gaspar A Rivas, Local 1785
Skylar Dover, Daughter of William H Dover, Local 1565
Joshua Sanchez, Grandson of Robert L Sanchez, Local 1168
Kevin Brown, Son of Darrell W Brown, Local 113
Chad Kent, Grandson of Arthur B Kent Sr, Local 0500
Ariel Morrison, Daughter of Michael J Palacios, Local 1694
Peter Lara, Son of Pedro Lara, Local 1563
Cameron Asplin, Daughter of Charles L Asplin Jr, Local 0771

District 9
Kenda Van Horn, Daughter of Theodore W Van Horn, Local 0078
Abbigale Halvorsen, Daughter of Kelly D Leistikow, Local 1841
Michael Craig, Grandson of James M Lewis, Local 0490

UTUIA Trade Scholarship Winner

Kyle Bammer, Grandson of Roger L Stegmann, Local 1402
Charles Goodson