New Memorial Scholarship Awarded

Chicago IL- At the recent SMART TD Regional meetings, UTUIA President Ken Laugel was proud to announce the development of the new UTUIA Memorial Scholarship program which was unanimously approved by the Board of Directors of the UTUIA. The scholarship is awarded to the children of a transportation worker killed in the line of duty and is a tribute to our very roots as a Fraternal Society. “Forged from the need to provide for widows and orphans 149 years ago, our desire to care for the members and their families has only grown over time as our society has expanded and embraced the unique needs of the transportation community. We are always saddened to lose a member of our Association but, in some small way, we want to honor them by protecting and caring for their family.”, said Laugel.  To read more about the scholarship and the first scholarship recipients, click here.