2016-2017 Scholarship winners

After drawing all districts all remaining applications were combined and drawn from to ensure that the maximum number of scholarships are awarded regardless of District affiliation.

DISTRICT 1: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont

Connor N Benedick, grandson of Robert E Norton of Local 493, Waterloo, IA.;
Hayley F Linabury, granddaughter of Ernest Presseau of Local 1978, New York, NY;
Megan F Munn, granddaughter of Raymond J Kobylak of Local 1978, New York, NY;
Michael P O’Connor grandson Robert J O’Connor Local 1393, Buffalo, NY;
Christian A Watts daughter Dorothy M Gasiorowski-Watts Local 284, Cleveland, OH

DISTRICT 2:  Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Luke T Butler son of Timothy P Butler of Local 60, Newark, NJ;
Patrick J Murphy grandson of William R Morgan of Local 60, Newark NJ;
Mary-Kate Quinn daughter of James B Quinn of Local 60, Newark NJ;
Anthony Rivera Jr. grandson of Ronald A Zagorsky Sr. of Local 1374, Newcastle PA;

DISTRICT 3:   Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia

Savannah Allen daughter of Gary W Allen of Local 1420, Memphis, TN;
James G Amos grandson of Claude W Amos of Local 598, Mobile, AL;
Kayla Anderson granddaughter of Billy G Vaughn of Local 118, Hinton, WV;
Tristen Barnett daughter of Dale D Barnett, Jr. of Local 762, Montgomery, AL;
Steven M Fitzpatrick son of Steven L Fitzpatrick of Local 1138, Miami, FL;
Peter Garcia IV son of Peter Garcia III of Local 1031, Savannah, GA;
Thomas Gholson son of Thomas P Gholson of Local 573, Danville, KY;
Kelsey M Sox granddaughter of Paul M Yon of Local 793, Columbia, SC

DISTRICT 4:  Indiana, Michigan, Ohio

Sarah E Boda granddaughter of Joseph A Boda of Local 1928, Toledo, OH;
Victoria S Collins daughter of Tommy C Collins of local 1383, Gary, IN;
Ryan E Fix grandson of Edward O Reling of Local 1760, Detroit, MI;
Kaylan N Johnson daughter of Chad A Johnson of Local 1962, Toledo, OH;
Elise F Smith daughter of William F Smith of Local 1381, Hammond, IN

DISTRICT 5:  Illinois, Wisconsin

Gabriella C Galvan granddaughter of Patrick N Murray of Local 196, Beardstown, IL;
Christine M Hendron granddaughter of Patrick W Simmons of Local 1929, East St. Louis, IL;
Nicholas S Seaton grandson of Jimmie J Stanbery of Local 768, Decatur, IL;
Samantha L Shank granddaughter Samuel C Hale of Local 1290, Chicago, IL

DISTRICT 6:  Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas

Jennifer K Cline daughter of Steven D Cline of Local 243, Fort Worth, TX;
Mason A Jones stepson of Chris L Alston of Local 1886, Houston, TX;
Kathryn R Paine granddaughter of Robert E Paine of Local 950, West Memphis, AR;
Timothy E Reynolds Jr. son of Timothy E Reynolds Sr. of Local 656, North Little Roc, AR;
Madison R Schmitt daughter of Thomas J Schmitt of Local 1974, Fort Worth, TX;
Matthew J Whipps son of Samuel Whipps of Local 1670, Loredo, TX

DISTRICT 7: Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota

Jacob C Atkinson grandson of Paul R Duffy of Local 329, Boone, IA;
Rachel J Atkinson granddaughter of Paul R Duffy of Local 329, Boone, IA;
Katie M Bowe granddaughter of Charles A Bowe of Local 185, Brookfield, MO;
Tate M Brooks grandson Edgar W Fisher of Local 412, Kansas City, KS;
Sawyer W McElhany son of Steven G McElhany of Local 303, Springfield, MO;
Sydney J Nichols daughter of Jeffrey M Nichols of Local 303, Springfield, MO;
Jackson C Pasquith grandson of Edgar W Fisher of Local 412, Kansas City, MO

DISTRICT 8:  Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah

Hailee A Branson daughter of Michael B Branson of Local 113, Winslow, AZ;
Jacob E Duncan grandson of Earl M Duncan of Local 1373, Elko, NV;
Peter A Lara son of Pedro Lara of Local 1563, El Monte, CA;
Lauren G McFalls granddaughter of James E Hardman of Local 656, North Little Roc, AR;
Jeffrey J Moore son of Jeffrey W Moore of Local 298, Garrett, IN;
Taylor J O’Donoghue grandson of Denis J O’Donoghue of Local 240, Los Angeles, CA;
Kyle A Schrook son of Justin R Schrock of Local 945, La Junta, CO;
Alexander E Weisner great-grandson Roger G Kinder of Local 1405, St. Louis, MO


DISTRICT 9:  Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming

Alexandria G Carlisle granddaughter of Arthur Martin of Local 78, Pocatello, ID;
Kevin E Doughty son of Melvin T Doughty of Local 446, Cheyenne, WY;
Kenyon R Hatten granddaughter of James F Hattten of Local 544, Harve, MT

UTUIA Trade Scholarship Winner

Christian A Waldrop grandson of Charles H Branton of Local 1033, Atlanta, GA