2015-2016 Scholarship Winners

District 1
Louis C Bethge, Grandson of Charles R Bethge, Local 0001
Jacob F Dellamura, Grandson of Ernest Presseau Jr, Local 1978
Olivia Schultz-Falandes, Daughter of James C Falandes, Local 0587
Christina A Torres, Daughter of Pedro C Torres Jr, Local 1440
Amelia A Weber, Daughter of William E Weber, Local 0001

District 2
Julia C Duncan, Granddaugher of Earl M Duncan, Local 1373
Margaret H Esposito, Daughter of Thomas M Esposito, Local 1413
Andrew C Hohenstein, Son of Charles Hohenstein, Local 0060
Danielle M Largmann, Daughter of Troy W Largmann, Local 0060

District 3
Emily A Bennnett, Daughter, of Joe D Bennett, Local 0998
Rachel C Boyd, Daughter of Calvin T Boyd Jr, Local 0783
John Wesley Cooper, Grandson of Jerry W Mullins, Loca 1315
Abigail R Harwell, Granddaughter of Charles H Branton, Local 1033
Triston C Hilburn, Granddaughter of Malcomb D Peevy, Local 0762
Kelsi M Johnston, Granddaughter of Ollie I Caines, Local 1105
Savannah G Sergent, Granddaughter of Ronnie K Oplinger, Local 1315
Trent M Ware, Grandson of John H Ware, Local 1245

District 4
Seth A Boda, Grandson of Joseph A Boda, Local 1928
Benjamin M Chambers, Son of Gregory F Hale, Local 0194
Hailey M Gibson, Son of Jerry L Gibson, Local 0313
Madison D Shake, Grandson of Clyde C Shake, Local 1518
Elizabeth C Spence, Granddaughter of Dennis J Schuler, Local 0284

District 5
Traci D Bradley, Daughter of Matthew L Bradley, Local 0445
Miranda D Gorsuch, Granddaughter of Robert E Blume, Local 0196
Meagan K Murk, Granddaughter of Harry D Fletcher, Local 0196
Mikaela M Pikorz, Daughter of Michael E Pikorz, Local 1883

District 6
Mallory L Dunn, Daughter of John A Dunn, Local 0756
Brianna M Hendrix, Stepdaughter of Steven J Soffes, Local 1957
Jon-Talon B Hendrix, Stepson of Steven J Soffes, Local 1957
Charles S Nokes, Grandson of Charles D Gassaway, Local 0656
Rylan S Sharbono, Grandson of Phillip D Collins, Local 1545
Joseph D Solito III, Son of Joseph D Solito Jr, Local 1066

District 7
Harper L Anderson, Son of Scott S Anderson, Local 0305
Jacob A Berry, Grandson of David D Duvall, Local 0303
Caitlin R Boe, Daughter of Kyle J Boe, Local 0257
Alison M Bryant, Daughter of Robert M Huber, Local 1216
Bailey M Gabbert, Daughter of Stephen C Gabbert, Local 1403
Jennifer L Hamilton, Daughter of James W Hamilton, Local 1059
Shelby J Hays, Granddaughter of Joe W Griffis, Local 0257
Jennifer L Brown, Daughter of Darrell W Brown, Local 0133

District 8
Braxton J Dickson, Grandson of Rick A Wall, Local 0238
Zhane T Jones, Stepson of Michael T Ellis, Local 1694
Clay B Kent, Grandson of Arthur B Kent, Local 0500
Taryn L Likes, Granddaughter of William R Likes, Local 1252
Thomas J Skinner, Grandson of Thomas L Skinner, Local 0945
Liam R White, Son of Aaron M White, Local 0240
Caitlin R Wood, Daughter of Donald L Wood, Local 0202

District 9
Sydney A Heuvelman, Granddaughter of Charles F Bice, Local 0446
Katherine N Webb, Daughter of Matthew T Webb, Local 0324